The white blossoms

The atmosphere of spring so far has been perfect. The color of the sky, the blossoming trees, nights on outdoor patios, windows cracked, that perfect golden sunlight. I'm in love with this season. We took a trip out to the apple orchards last night. It looks like most of the white blossoms have bloomed, but the pink blossoms still haven't fully said hello yet. I'd love to take a trip soon up north to see all of the cherry blossoms in bloom. There are fields up there just full of gorgeous blooming trees. Sounds a little bit like heaven, right?

I love that I can wear layers, yet bare legs, and boots right now. That's why spring and autumn are seriously so perfect - you have options!  I received this dress from Deb and I absolutely love the vintage-inspired floral print. Typically I wouldn't think of shopping at Deb, but I was so pleasantly surprised at their options and how affordable they are! I decided to layer a vintage lace crop top over this dress to give it sleeves. I'm a sucker for sleeved dresses.

I've actually been to this orchard several times for blog posts. This is where I shot the photos for my pink trees and apple blossoms posts. I also come here every autumn to pick apples, drink cider and eat the best donuts! We're very lucky to have this spot just a few minutes from downtown. I love living in the city, but honestly I miss being five minutes away from the beach, old barns, fields, silos, rustic railroad tracks and other nature beauties. I need to get out and explore a bit more on the outskirts of Grand Rapids. I'm so looking forward to all of the trips I have planned for this upcoming summer though!

Outfit details:

Floral Summer Dress c/o Deb
Ivory lace crop top c/o Recollection Vintage
Zigzag necklaces c/o Art School Dropout
Samantha Pleet Arc Boot in Marmalade c/o Wolverine