Windmill Island Gardens

A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I took Eleanor to Holland to see Windmill Island. Unfortunately, not all of the tulips were bloomed yet, but it was still a gorgeous day to walk around! We snapped some pictures in the tulip fields and in front of the windmill, and explored the little tourist shops for a while. Afterwards, we headed downtown to visit Frances Jaye (cutest store ever) and grab candy and sodas at Lemonjellos and Holland Peanut Store. I love that little town.

I need to back to Holland this week or next to see all of the tulips in bloom. There is one field that has buffalo roaming too. I've been there before, but not for long, so I need to do a revisit. It's supposed to be beautiful this upcoming weekend for Memorial Day. I'm really excited for a long, and hopefully peaceful, weekend. I want to take a day trip, get majorly caught up on laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping! Plus, I need some major relaxing time!

I just took Eleanor to the airport today to head back home to New Zealand. She was here for three weeks, and it honestly flew by! It's crazy how time flies. But it was so amazing to have her here with us and to finally meet her after blogging together for almost four years, and trading clothes for three. I'm really glad I was able to give her a taste of life in Grand Rapids and Michigan. I got a little teary in the airport. It's been kind of a rough week in general, and goodbyes are always sad!

I want to write a more detailed post soon about perfection, because I don't want you guys to ever think that my life is perfect or that I think my life is perfect. Because it's definitely not perfect. Certain moments, times and things? Of course. I post pictures and memories of the good times, and I've warned you all before that I'm going to continue to do so. But that's not to say my real life is just sunlit fields and floral dresses. Eric and I argue sometimes, I get insanely stressed about my schedule, I cry a lot, I'm dealing with serious back pain right now due to a kidney issue, and I never ever feel like I'm "on top" of things. Please be realistic when reading my blog (or anyone's for that matter!) and don't compare your life to theirs thinking how perfect they are. Blogs are not always true portrayals of someone's real life and issues. They are supposed to be fun (or mine is at least) and that's how I intend to keep it.

Outfit details:

Forever 21 Jacket
Strolling through Amsterdam Dress c/o ModCloth
 Daylight Cravings Sunglasses
Sonia "Hello Sunshine" Flats c/o Loly in the Sky