4th of July

I had a pretty great 4th of July this year. I've been under some major stress lately, so I honestly just wanted the whole weekend to relax. Nothing to fret about really. I've just been overwhelmed with moving and the normal life stresses. It's just hitting me extra hard for some reason right now and I've been surrounding myself with whatever I can to stay happy at this point. So, of course, that includes Eric, Winny, Lake Michigan, my toes in the beach sand, a picnic, close friends/family and fireworks!

Eric treated me to froyo earlier in the day at Spoonlickers. It was the best. Their little homemade cheesecake bites are so good. After that, we grabbed our picnic basket and headed out to Holland to have a picnic at Riley Beach. Winny was going insane in the sand and actually played in Lake Michigan for her first time! She needs a trim so bad right now though. Poor pup - haha! One of the many things that has fallen to the wayside this past month. Good thing she's the sweetest gal ever and doesn't seem to mind.

I am so happy to be done moving and (sort of) settled into our new apartment. I still have more organizing to do, but we're mostly unpacked. We moved so fast out of our old place. Once it was empty, I realized what a piece of crap it was. Seriously. The only reason that place ever felt like home was because of Eric and Win, and the personal touches we added. This new apartment though felt like home the first night. Plus it's been really good to drop off load after load to Goodwill, throw away so much crap, and have a "fresh" start. I'll be sure to post pictures soon!

I'm also doing some cleaning up in my personal life. I've been organizing old photo albums, getting rid of old reminders from the past that were just lingering there and weighing me down. On that same note, I've been doing the same with people, and routines/habits I've made. I've also decided to make this blog a "personal" blog. It's never ever been about "fashion". But it is about my personal style, and it'll continue to be more about my daily life + other things. Not much will change, except my tagline and where I categorize myself. Be sure tofollow SP on Bloglovin now that Google Reader is also gone!

Outfit details:

Forever21 jean jacket
Candy Land Dress c/o Stitched and Adorned
Sweet Soiree Flat in Candy Apple c/o ModCloth