Cherry Bowl Drive In Theater

Last weekend, Eric and I took a day-trip up to Frankfort, Michigan! I was planning this trip for sometime this summer, and fourth of July weekend just felt perfect. We headed up to northern Michigan to check out Frankfort and the surrounding area. We visited a lighthouse (post to come!) and this amazing retro drive-in theater called the Cherry Bowl Drive In. It was so corny and wonderful in every single way.

If you're looking to visit, it's on U.S. 31 South, about eighteen miles southwest of Traverse City, in Honor. Every night (seven days a week), they show a double feature, plus cartoons. I loved the memorabilia they had - a giant white chicken, a turquoise vintage car that appeared to be in the fence, a giant hot dog, and an old VW bug topped with a grinning clown.

They have operated continuously since their opening in 1953! They still have their own post speakers with the original Motiograph amps. Plus, they pop their popcorn in their original popper from 1953 that they've used from the beginning… and of course, topped with their real creamery butter. Eric and I loaded up on treats and even a t-shirt for Eric! I am completely in love with this place.

Adventures are my favorite thing of all time. I will never ever stop seeking out ridiculous, corny, amazing places like this in Michigan. I honestly feel like I'm in my heaven when I'm exploring new places like this. We watched Despicable Me 2 and drove home afterwards, not getting home until almost 3 AM. Worth it. Every second.

I spotted this dress on ModCloth a few months ago and instantly knew I had to get it for this location. I've been dreaming of visiting this theater for a few years now - timing is perfect right? This dress was an exact replica of the theme and colors of the Cherry Bowl sign! I received many compliments (and MANY stares, of course) on how spot-on and festive I looked while visiting. Of course, right? That's pretty much Selective Potential. "A crazy 26-year old who wears little kid clothes to dorky places in Michigan." Ha!

Do you guys have any old drive-in theaters in your area? In Michigan, we're lucky enough to have a few! I grew up down the street from one in Muskegon. This is Northern Michigan's only drive-in. They are so rare nowadays! Seriously though, what a summer treat. When Eric and I settled into the car to watch the movie, with our giant "barrel" of popcorn, I knew I was in a moment of summer bliss. Could this season be any more perfect?

Outfit details:

You Are Cherry Welcome Dress c/o ModCloth
Shoes Your Own Adventure Heel c/o ModCloth