The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

A few weekends ago, as you guys know, Eric and I headed out to Cleveland for the weekend. The night after seeing Fleetwood Mac, we thought it'd be appropriate to go to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! I honestly had a blast walking around all day taking in the history of rock and roll. We watched a few films, snapped a lot of pictures, and just walked around exploring. If you're ever near the Cleveland area, I'd seriously recommend! I also grew up loving rock music though too - thanks, Dad. ;)

I thought this dress would be perfect for the location/day! It's a little bit edgy and "rock and roll"! The denim vest top has little stud buttons. I paired a pair of guitar earrings with this dress from One Ten Zero Seven - too perfect, right? I also picked up these sunglasses from Urban last summer and haven't actually worn them yet (shame), so this outfit felt appropriate to wear them finally.

If you're curious about why Cleveland is the birthplace of rock 'n' roll, it's because there was a disc jockey named Alan Freed who used the term to describe the music he would play in 1951. The popularity of his show encouraged him to organize the first rock concert which was held at the Cleveland Arena in 1952. It was oversold, and beset by a riot during the first set. The entire time I was at the hall of fame, I kept thinking of different scenes/parts of Almost Famous too. Is that not the best movie ever?

Of course I was obsessed with all of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks history, but I also loved the punk section featuring The Ramones and even an old lyric sheet from The Replacements (one of my favorite bands). I'd say if I were to go back and choose a time period to live in, I'd probably spend my '20s during the 70s in San Francisco when that genre was booming. The style, music and history is just so awesome.

Outfit details:

Denim Top Dress c/o Magnolia Boutique
Guitar Dangle Earrings c/o One Ten Zero Seven
Urban Outfitters sunglasses
Expandable Tote c/o Thimble and Thorn
Dani Gold Wedges c/o B.A.I.T. Footwear