August wishlist

When I was making up my wishlist this month, I thought my board felt a little bare! But honestly, right now - I'm about the "little things". Not just in terms of what I want closet-wise, but in life too. The little things can really pull everything together. Great accessories can make an outfit. A new coffee cup can brighten your morning. A swing on the porch at night can put away the day's stresses. I'm a huge believer of "it's the little things that count" and I'll just end summer on that note! As for closet wants, I want a new red cardigan and this one from London W11 Limited is simple + perfect. This drop-waist Madewell dress is the one I'm lusting after. It's so cute! Other than that, I'm loving mustard - eyeshadow, accessories, shoes. It's the perfect color to transition from summer into autumn. Happy August, everyone!