By my side

I've been so excited to share these photos with you guys! Finally, today is the day! Eric and I did a small session with Katie of James and Katie Photography a couple of weeks ago. I've been talking with Katie for a while about doing a session, so I'm really happy we finally made it happen. Their photography is amazing. And now Eric and I have a set of truly wonderful photos of the both of us together. Huge thank you to Katie, and I can't wait to work with her again in the very near future. Be sure to check out their website and like them on Facebook!

The first set of photos we snapped at our apartment together. One of my favorite things about our new apartment is our front porch and porch swing. We live on a main street in town where it's quite busy and we love sitting out there and just people watching. A lot of times we'll be sitting out front and friends will walk by, and come up to chat for a bit! I even met a blog reader that way, and her and her husband live just down the street. I love it. Plus, we're just a quick walk to several restaurants, coffee shops, markets and the best bakery. Our neighborhood is pretty perfect for us right now in our lives and I'm so excited to be here, especially with Eric. 

After snapping some photos at home, we headed over to one of my favorite spots, Robinette's Apple Orchards. We go here a lot to take photos, because it's a quick drive from downtown yet it looks so detached from the "city". Not that Grand Rapids is huge or anything. You can drive 15 minutes outside of the city in any direction and hit fields like this, but this spot has just become a go-to favorite. It's always beautiful, no matter the season.

Well I hope everyone's week is off to a good start! I had a wonderful low-key weekend. We are thisclose to finishing up our apartment! I just need to get my office organized, which is technically our front entryway. Every time someone walks in for the first time, I'm like eep! - just ignore this room and look at the rest of the apartment! Haha. Moving is the worst, but I'm relieved to finally be settling in. I can already tell the holidays are going to be fun at this place. Have a great rest of your Monday, and I'll see you guys tomorrow! xo