Friends on the farm

Two of our friends (who are about to have a baby!) live on an amazing farm, just north of the city. Eric and I drove out there to grill, play cornhole, have a couple of drinks and have a bon fire. It was beautiful out there! They have cattle right behind their house, and it's just fields and forests for miles. Plus, we had a wonderful sunset to accompany our evening. Eric and I ran around the house snapping a bunch of pictures. It was fun - definitely a good evening with great company!

It's finally cold enough here to wear flannels, sweatshirts, sweaters, boots, tights, you name it! It's actually been quite chilly in the mornings. I'm still riding my scooter to work and I'm freezing in the mornings. I spotted this cute lightweight sweatshirt from Old Navy and had to pick it up right away. Aside from just being a cool line in the first place, "Heart and Soul" is one of the only songs I still remember on piano after all of these years! I used to play it all the time as a kid. One of the many things I wish I wouldn't have given up as I got older. ;)

For some weird reason, Eric has so many friends (haha! kidding, Eric!) But seriously though. When I first met him, I was shocked at how many cool people he hung out with on a regular basis. I've always had a couple of really close friends, and a small group of people I hung out with only occasionally. I've loved getting to know everyone Eric is friends with, and I've become really close to so many of them. I'm very grateful. Friendship means more to me now than it has in a long time.

Everyone brought what they wanted to drink and grill out. I wrapped up some corn (with a little bit of olive oil and garlic salt) and chicken, spinach and mozzarella sausage to put on the grill. We also picked up a 6-pack of Jack Daniel's Downhome Punch. Yumm! I've been working on eating differently for the past month, and it's actually been really fun to find alternatives to every meal that's healthier. Usually I'd pick up a pack of hot dogs and a bag of chips, but honestly the sausage and corn was way tastier! Thank goodness Eric will eat anything I decide on too. I love him for that. :)

Outfit details:

Old Navy "Heart & Soul" Top
Brawny Beauty Plaid c/o Threadsence
American Eagle Skinny Jeans
Minnetonka Moccasins Kilty Suede Mocs