Final days of autumn

Well, that was a much-needed four day weekend! I loved every second. On Wednesday night, I got Eric and I tickets to go see one of his favorites, John Mayer. We found out his sister and brother were going with their spouses, so we all car-pooled together downtown! It was super fun. JM isn't my favorite personally (sorry fans!) but I really did enjoy it. Thursday, we went to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving. It was so delicious, and relaxing! We had some insane blizzards though. It was nuts. It looked like a pure winter wonderland outside. Now it's all melted and semi-warm outside. Ah, Michigan.

For Black Friday, we went out to brave some of the shopping crowds. We didn't even end up buying anything on sale - ugh. I did pick up this cardigan from Forever21 though. I'm trying to scheme up ways to get through the winter on this blog… and I've decided the only way is through huge blanket-like cardigans, scarves, leggings, knee-high socks and boots. Tons, and tons, and tons of layers. I'll just look like the Michelin man in all of my photos. It's cool.

We also went to see Catching Fire on Friday. I really enjoyed it! Friday night, we met up with some friends for drinks at the most festive dive bar in town. Saturday, we literally sat around the apartment all day long finishing the Breaking Bad series. Oh my gosh. Seriously, what a show. So damn good. Sunday, we went and cut our tree down (post coming soon), decorated for Christmas and celebrated Thanksgiving with Eric's family during the evening. It was a great, busy weekend. I love this time of year! And now our apartment smells like heaven from our tree, and feels so cozy with the lights.

My sweet boyfriend has decided to grow out his hair and beard… so he's full on mountain man right now. Anytime I lean in for a kiss, I get a mustache. And I die anytime he eats something specific. Like when I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday, and the icing was just stuck in his beard. Oh, Eric. I really do love you. ;)

Outfit details:

Forever21 Folk Girl Fringed Cardigan
Forever21 dress (similar)
Forever21 belt (similar)
Antique Gold Bird Skull Necklace ℅ Accessory Fanatic
Ruche socks (similar)
Regal Boots ℅ Wanted