Hart Christmas Tree Farm

Last weekend, we headed up to Rockford to cut down our christmas tree at Hart Christmas Tree Farm! Eric and I came here last year to get a wreath, but it was so much colder so we ended up getting our tree at the farmers market. But this year it was super nice outside! We had a light blanket of snow left on the ground from our Thanksgiving blizzard, but most of it had melted and the sun was quite warm! I felt totally fine in my denim jacket. We headed out with two of our best friends, Kate & Mehre, to chop down a tree!

I was so excited when Hannah of The Braided Bandit reached out to me about styling up an item from her Etsy shop. She recently left her full-time job to focus on her vintage shop, and it was well worth it! Her shop is full of adorable items, and all things she personally loves herself… and it's so well curated. I spotted several things I'd love to have styled up, but this dress totally popped out to me. I love the black/red plaid and the long sleeves and buttons were perfect! Especially for winter. Be sure to head over to her shop and check it out! I'm also obsessed with this floral babydoll dress.

We got our tree back to the city successfully, and now our apartment smells like a pine heaven and feels so cozy! We put up all of our lights and decorations and I love it. I've been watching ABC Family's "25 Days of Christmas" non-stop too. So far I've watched Scrooged (one of my absolute favorites), The Santa Clause, and While You Were Sleeping. I have so many more on my list though… Grumpy Old Men, The Holiday, Serendipity, Holiday Inn, The Family Man, the list goes on. Yes, I'm a chick flick nerd. ;)

Do you have any traditions when it comes to your Christmas tree? I've cut down my own for several years now! I really can't imagine it any other way, but I'm also a little envious of the adorable white/pink trees I keep seeing on Instagram. Everyone has such great decorating ideas! I'm especially in love with a tree I saw that was green, with craft-paper ornaments and white twinkle lights. Totally simple. Our tree this year has multi-colored lights with every decoration we had in our holiday box. It's a packed tree! I'll share some photos soon. :)

I really hope our snow comes back! It was in the 50s today and rainy. Gross. December is the only month I care to have snow… so yeah, c'mon Michigan! We have my company holiday party this weekend, which I'm looking forward to. Next weekend, I'm hoping to take a trip to Frankenmuth to visit the world's largest Christmas store, eat a traditional chicken dinner and do a little shopping at Birch Run! I loooove that little town. I'm really excited for a holiday-themed day of adventure. I miss taking little day/weekend trips!

Outfit details:

Plaid dress ℅ The Braided Bandit
Forever21 Distressed Denim Jacket
Gold Tree Pendant ℅ Outfit Additions
Old Navy boots (similar)