Looking back on 2013

Here is my giant recap of 2013! I always love looking back and reflecting on the year's memories. So many great things happened this year too. I was lucky enough to travel a lot and see so many amazing places. I loved spending so much time with Eric. I had so many great blogging opportunities. Tons of wonderful memories with friends and family. We moved into a new place that feels like home. And it was so much fun. Also, this post is extremely photo heavy! Proceed with caution. ;)


Last January, Eric and I went to see a favorite local country band play! And of course, we danced.

Circle Maybe decided to call it quits and play our very last show. You can listen to our two EP's at our Bandcamp, if you're interested!


In February, Eric and I flew out to NYC for fashion week! We went to a few presentations, and met Samantha Pleet for the first time. We also had fun at the Lulu's party!

We also grabbed lunch with a couple of my favorites - Mara and Steffy! It was a great (but very cold) trip to the city. And we survived Nemo!


Eric and I attended the annual Kendall College of Art and Design Bodies of Art fashion show. Everything was made of paper! Pretty unique to see.

We pretty much finished our gallery wall. I love this wall and it makes me so happy whenever I see it.

Eric, Winny and I had Easter dinner at his parent's house.


In April, I officially kicked my nail biting habit. I've had a couple setbacks since then, but I still consider myself a non-biter. As of today, I haven't chewed in months!

I was given the amazing opportunity to travel to Boston for Blog Better Boston thanks to Lulu's! I lead a few sessions on media kit creation. I loved my time in Boston, especially because of the people I spent time with. (everyone above. ^)

I also had a free day to see downtown Boston. It was beautiful, especially in spring! I explored Boston Common and the Public Garden.

Eric played a country show at Back Forty Saloon. We wore our matching denim jackets. ;)


In May, Eric played another show with his band, Steve Rivers Band. I always have a blast at these shows. This group picture is one of my favorites.

My friend, Eleanor, came to visit us from New Zealand for 3 weeks! We took her to a super fun jungle-themed dance party.

We also had to stop to the lighthouse in Grand Haven, of course.

We celebrated Mother's Day at our apartment, and cooked burgers for Eric's family. This is us with his niece, Lexi!


In June, Eric played on T.V. with his band! He wore sunglasses. I think we had just watched "That Thing You Do." ;)

Winny and I watched many of Eric's kickball games.

We drove out to Cleveland, Ohio to see one of our favorite bands, Fleetwood Mac, and to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

We went to a Detroit Tiger's baseball game. It was so so so hot that day. We were melting.

We found out we were being evicted from our apartment. It was a super rough month finding a new place and, of course, the stress of moving.

But the first night we spent in our new place, I felt completely at home. And at that point, I knew it was totally meant to be. I couldn't even imagine living in our old place now with how at home I feel in our new apartment. I swear, everything in life happens for a reason.


We had an amazing, picturesque fourth of July. We had a picnic, saw the most gorgeous sunset and watched fireworks with friends on the beach.

Steve Rivers band played quite a bit in July! The first picture is when they won the local Texaco Country Showdown competition. The picture below is from when they played with Greg Allman.

Eric and I headed to Muskegon to go to Bike Time and a Boston concert with my dad, step-mom and step-brother. One of those ridiculous nights you'll never forget. ;)

I had the opportunity to host an event at Madewell. I was able to meet new blog friends, see old ones and do a little shopping!

We ended the month with friends at Frederik Meijer Gardens to see Kari Lynch Band. We saw a proposal that night too, and it was so special!


The first weekend of August, I headed to Austin, Texas for the Texas Style Council Conference! I hosted a dinner with Minnetonka, gave a talk on media kit creation, ate a lot of tacos and spent a lot of time with Elizabeth and Julie (two of my favorites). It was a fun (and hot!) weekend.

We traveled out to the thumb of Michigan for a carnival and another win at the Texaco Country Showdown competition. They won for the entire state of Michigan. That was super awesome!

We stayed another day after the competition to explore the thumb's lighthouses. Fort Gratiot was my favorite, but I absolutely loved seeing so many lighthouses in such a short trip.

The next weekend, we headed up to Mackinaw City! I absolutely love that city. We ate fudge, relaxed, played mini-golf and watched a laser light show.

We also took a boat tour to see a few lighthouses out in Lake Michigan. I welled up with tears when I saw White Shoal Lighthouse. It was insanely beautiful, and one of my favorites so far.

Eric and I also did a photo session with Katie of James & Katie Photography at the end of the month!


We celebrated the end of summer with a labor day cookout at a friend's house on the farm!

Eric turned 25. What a baby. ;)

I hosted a really fun event with Wolverine 1000 Mile with so many of my favorite friends, and local bloggers.

We took a trip up to Sleeping Bear Dunes! It's one of my favorite spots on earth. When I asked Eric what his favorite memory of the year was, he said this day. :)

We bought Eric a new car! We shared for over a year, and it was hectic. Life is so much easier now!


In October, Eric and I traveled to Saint Louis for their Saint Louis Fashion Week. I was able to hang out with so many blogger friends, attend some great events, and spend time in Saint Louis. I just love that city.

The next weekend, we drove to Minnesota for the Midwest round of the Texaco Country Showdown competition. Unfortunately we didn't win this one, but it was a really fun weekend and Minnesota was insanely beautiful!

Eric and I had an apple orchards photo session with our good friend, Tifani of Tifani Lyn Photography.


We picked pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!

We hosted a Halloween party and movie night (Hocus Pocus) for friends at our apartment!

We carved our pumpkins at a friend's house.

And we ended the month with our favorite dance party of the year, Bottom 40 Halloween!


In November, I hosted a weekend event with Maurices here in Grand Rapids! Four bloggers from Michigan brought a girlfriend for a girl's weekend. It was so much fun.

We had a fancy dinner at Grove, went to a class at the new downtown market, and visited Robinette's for wine tasting.

I did a month long collaboration with a local boutique, Frances Jaye, to style up some holiday looks! Eric was a guest in this one. ;)

I celebrated three years of being a graphic designer at my job! I started on the same day as this girl - Sharisa. She's been a close friend since day one.


The first weekend after Thanksgiving, we chopped down our Christmas tree!

We had the most insane white Christmas this year. I loved it!

And we celebrated Christmas with our families! 2013 was a great year looking back on it. I always love doing this recap because it makes me look back and remember all of the great memories before the new year begins. It's easy to sit here and think how unproductive this year was, or how I can't wait for the new one to begin… when really this year was pretty special. I'm thrilled to see what 2014 will bring.