Rustic Ruche 6|7

Here's outfit 6 of 7 of my collaboration with Ruche to style 7 rustic pieces, 7 ways! We're on the home stretch! The last three sets of photos were a lot trickier for us to take at our local garden. We decided to go into the tropical area, and there is a current exhibition going on called "Butterflies are Blooming" and it was so busy! People would just stand there and stare at us taking photos. It would drive me nuts! One group of ladies were just standing there staring, and I was like, "It's okay! You can go ahead!" And they were like, "We like watching!" I'm like, ugh, just move it along so we can finish this up. Hahah. Oh well. Such is life. I'll post my last outfit tomorrow of the collaboration, and that's it! I loved this 7 for 7 remix challenge though. It inspired me to get a bit creative. I brought up all of my spring/summer clothes from the basement tonight, and I was like... I seriously wear 1/4 of my wardrobe. So sad. I'm thinking of maybe taking an inventory, and challenging myself to style each item at least one time this spring/summer. And if I don't, then I get rid of it. We'll see. ;)

Outfit details:

Take The Train Textured Dress c/o Ruche
Brookside Printed Scarf c/o Ruche
Mikayla Woven Booties c/o Ruche