Dining Room Tour + Giveaway!

Hey friends! I'm excited to show you guys another room in my apartment. The first room you saw was our living room, and now this is the dining room! When you first walk into our apartment, you enter an entryway and our living room, then you walk through the dining room to get to the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. So it's a pretty well-trafficked space in our apartment. It's kind of a "catch-all" for our miscellaneous furniture at the moment, but I like how it feels for now. Especially as a renter, you can't always be super picky.

This room fits my old TV cabinet (that I hope to repurpose someday), my cedar chest gifted from my grandma, our giant dining room table, an antique blue table I purchased and other miscellaneous pieces of art. We can't paint, so it's nice having a little bit of color in the table and a bold pattern with the rug. I went through a dark-wood phase a few years ago, and now I just want everything to be white. So hopefully someday when I buy a house... I can turn the cabinet and table white. We'll see. ;)

When Eric and I lived in our old apartment, we made this chalkboard frame together. I was like, "This will be great for inspiring quotes and cute notes to each other!" So when I turned my back, Eric had already drawn this saying, and it stuck ever since. I don't think we can change it at this point. Haha! This room is also full of other things that mean a lot to us. The drawing was the first gift he ever gave me when we started dating, a drawing from Sherri DuPree Bemis. We also have a photograph of when we carved our names into the Mount Baldhead stairway in Saugatuck.

We don't typically eat dinner at the dinner table, so a lot of time this room is used for entertaining and hosting dinners for friends. Sometimes I'll work at this dining room table while Eric is in the living room hanging out. This room also tends to be a great spot for collecting random junk as well. Do any of you just have 'those' rooms where everybody leaves everything? Haha! Behind the giant barn door is our bedroom! I'll be sure to try and do a blog post on that room next.

I'm also excited to announce a giveaway with a friend, Kevin Stinehart. He makes amazing pieces of art out of reclaimed wood. He's offering one of his reclaimed wood arrows to one of my readers. You can choose the colors, or he can send it completely bare as well. There are so many ways to incorporate this piece of art into your home. I especially love when I see arrows in gallery walls. I think I might try to incorporate this arrow into mine next. To enter, be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter entry below. This giveaway will stay open for one week. Good luck! xo