Devil's Elbow

Last weekend, Eric and I headed up to the "great northwest" of Michigan to spend a quiet weekend exploring the autumn colors and touring the Tunnel of Trees. I'll get to those posts next week, but in the meantime, since we're in "spooky week", I'm sharing our adventure to the Devil's Elbow. We left our inn and started our journey into the woods to seek out the sign that marked the spot for the haunted location. Roads kept winding and twisting and finally, we saw it. We pulled off to the side of the road, parked, and headed into the woods.

There are a few different legends associated with this spot. The Odawa Indian Bands believed that the area was home to spirits who made their presence known in the hours of nightfall. Another legend states that the Devil's Elbow marks the spot where the devil scooped out a giant hollow after Native Americans suffered a rampant plague. A third legend is that the Ottawa Indians believed a great battle amongst the Gods created a ravine, banishing the devil into it.

It has been said that former residents could hear "voices and sounds" coming from the ravine after dark. Strange drum beats can be heard at the old tribal cemetery, as well as screams throughout the route of the Tunnel of Trees. Even strange lights and apparitions have been reported from those who dare to drive through at night. Oooooh!

Eric and I didn't see or hear anything peculiar during our trip to Devil's Elbow, but it was fun to seek out the path of the dried up ravine and to learn about the haunted legends of this location. We also came around 11am in the morning. I don't think I'd be brave enough to drive through the tunnel at night, park at this location, and walk deep into the woods. Creepy! Do you guys believe in apparitions, ghosts, orbs, or haunted locations? 

I'll be back with a couple more "haunted posts" this week! I hope you guys are enjoying them. They're always some of my favorite posts to write every year. I can't believe how soon Halloween is coming up! Are any of you dressing up? I'll be dressing up and heading to one of my favorite local dance parties. I'll wait to share my costume, but oh man... it's going to be super nerdy. I'm looking forward to it. ;)

Outfit details:

Intricate Cardigan c/o Rose Gold and Blush
Target Basic Black Dress (similar)
Basically Amazing Socks in Mustard c/o ModCloth
Moorea Seal Woodland Wide Brim Hat in Black
Mustard Retro Camera Bag c/o Lalamagic
ModCloth Layer It On Tights in Black
Bonny Casual Boot c/o Wolverine 1000 Mile