Gin + Vodka Apple Ciders

Last week, we had two of our good friends and neighbors, Drew and Alyssa, over for drinks! We originally "met" on Instagram and discovered we only lived four houses away from each other. After meeting up with them for the first time at their apartment, we decided we needed to have them over to ours! And also, she's an amazing photographer, so be sure to check out her website. Anyway... we decided it would be fun to try gin apple ciders! We found a recipe online, but we sort of experimented ourselves when they came over. I also had leftover caramel vodka, so we tried that too. That is absolutely my favorite fall alcoholic beverage. So good. Enjoy! (If you can drink alcohol, of course. If not, just drink apple cider with sprinkled cinnamon. That's my go-to beverage anyway. ;))



Gin (any kind)
Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka
Apple cider
Orange bitters


Mix 1 part gin or vodka, two parts apple cider, with a dash of orange bitters. 
Add cinnamon to taste!