The Ada Witch

Tonight, I took a drive out to Findlay Cemetery to hopefully find the Ada Witch's gravestone. The legend behind the Ada Witch is that in the 1800s, a woman named Sarah would meet her lover in the woods surrounding this cemetery on 2 Mile Road. Her husband apparently found out about her infidelity, and followed her as she snuck out for a rendezvous with her lover. Upon seeing the lovers embrace, the husband murdered his wife on the spot, and proceeded to go after her lover. They fought until they both succumbed to death.

I followed the directions to Findlay Cemetery. Eric and I both have really full schedules this week, so I proceeded to go alone. I brought Winny along, for protection, of course. ;) Our map told us to get off on 2 Mile Road, and we headed down this dark, old, dirt road for a couple of miles. The cemetery appeared on our left hand side, so we got out and explored for a little bit. I noticed that all of the gates were locked, so we couldn't get in. Apparently ghost hunters have come and stolen pieces of Sarah's grave, so they are extra protective of the grounds.

As I was setting up the tripod, I kept hearing this weird rustling noise. I would look around, but then it would turn totally silent. I could only then hear the wind going through what leaves we have left on the trees. As it was getting darker, I was getting slightly more freaked out. Reporting sightings of the Ada Witch have included mists, orbs, footsteps, a woman weeping, shrieks, and sounds of a struggle. The reported places of haunting are the Findlay Cemetery (here, where she was buried), Honey Creek Road (where her body was found) and Seidman Park (where she was supposedly murdered).

A few cars drove past, and I started to feel a little bit better. But then I saw a woman standing off in the distance, and I just assumed she was visiting a grave. I noticed she had long dark-hair, and a flowing white dress, and I couldn't exactly make out her face. Winny barked and barked at her, but she just stood there not making a move. It was getting darker outside, and I decided to just quickly finish up my photos to get the heck out of there. I looked back up to see if I could find the lady, but she was gone. Did I see the Ada Witch? ;)

Outfit details:

Lotus Trib Embroidered Little Black Dress c/o Chicwish
Grey Adventure Hollow Knit Sweater c/o Chicwish
Old Navy Red Flats (similar)