We're engaged!


A couple of weekends ago, Eric and I were visiting the great northwest of Michigan. On the last day of our trip, we headed to Petoskey to see the Petoskey Pierhead Lighthouse. It's usually a lighthouse that never makes the map, and it's just a small cylinder at the end of a long pier. It was so windy, and the waves were crashing up like crazy. Eric was like, "You can stay back here with Winny and I'll go get pictures." But knowing me... if I'm at a lighthouse, I have to have the full experience, so Winny and I headed out there to meet him. He said as soon as he saw us walking toward him, he knew it was the right moment. I was taken by complete surprise. He proposed at the end of the pier; I couldn't even give him an answer at first! I just stood there crying and nodding my head. When he stood up from being down on one knee, he was like, "So, is that a yes?" Um... YES. We've been together for two and a half years, and are pup-parents to the sweetest gal ever. We've both been through some hardships, but we've always been there for each other. That's how I know we'll be successful as a married couple. We fight, and we fight for each other always, even when things are not easy. We love each other more than anything, and our life we've already created together. I can't wait to buy a house, and have a family with him. It all feels right. We took two weeks to slowly tell our families, friends and colleagues and it has been pure bliss. We've been so happy, and so has everyone close to us in our life. That's all that matters. I'm so excited to celebrate all year long and plan this wedding together!

Photos by our amazing friend, Tifani Lyn Photography