First snowfall

I feel like my blog is turning into a ghost town! I still love blogging, and I intend to blog 4-5x a week, but it just feels impossible lately. Between working full-time, spending time with Eric, family and friends, and other things like... holidays, planning a wedding, and cooking meals, I feel like I run out of time very quickly. And by the time I'm done with everything, I'd rather plop in front of the television in my jammies. It's tough! Especially when it's dark out all. of. the time. But oh well, we'll get through it. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when we had had our first major snowfall! I was loving it! Alright, I'm off to make taquitos for dinner and I've been craving them allll dayyyy. Have a good week! xo

Outfit details:

Diagonal Alley Coat in Black c/o ModCloth
Aeropostale Cozy Funnel Scarf
Aeropostale Cozy Hat (similar)
Arc Boot in Black c/o Wolverine 1000 Mile