Top ten outfits of 2014

The recaps of 2014 begin! We’ll start out with some of my most popular outfit posts from the year. I feel like I really killed it last spring with my style, especially in Nashville. Those first warm weather posts after a long winter are usually my favorite, because you can wear everything you were hoarding in your closet for months. I had a super fun summer with traveling, but I feel like I started to care less about style and more about just wearing jeans, a tee and dirty feet while having fun. A goal of mine this year is to work more on my winter style. Usually I wimp out during winter, but I just need to work on finding cute, warm layers, and braving the cold. I’m hoping to continue with outfit posts in 2015, but again, I’m always working to make this blog more "lifestyle". My favorite posts to blog are always things like the trips we take, the tulip fields in spring, lighthouse exploring in summer, and pumpkin picking in autumn. I have so many other interests than style… I love to cook, go running, clean/organize, hang out with friends, have wine club nights with girlfriends, listen to and play music, the list goes on. I’m going to see if I can somehow (interestingly) blog about those things more this year. Along with some outfits of course too! Have a great NYE! I’ll be back with a personal recap of 2014 soon!