Winter blues

It has hit that time of year where I'm done with winter. So, so, so done. Especially this winter. It has been so consistently cold. I'd kill for anything above freezing right now. That would be a much-welcomed heat wave. January and February are always the hardest months to get through in Michigan, or anywhere really with a winter like ours. I'm trying to focus on the things I do love about winter: dark nights for movie watching, cooking warm meals, hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, cuddling up on the sofa with a marathon of Friends, feeling no guilt whatsoever about not going outside for an entire weekend, you know, those things. But there comes a point when you're pale as a ghost, your skin wants to fall off and die, your humidifier cannot keep up with how dry your apartment is, and you're just freezing all. of. the. time. So, spring, can you come sooner?

On top of everything, I am finally admitting that I caught Eric's cold. Sniffly nose, sore throat, sinus headache. And note to self: don't take outfit shots when you're sick. You'll doubt everything about your appearance. Trust me. But otherwise, everything else in life is good! Work is going well; we had a super fun Valentine's Day in the office. For the holiday, Eric and I just stayed in, ordered a pizza and watched Begin Again (which is super good, by the way). I've been continuing to follow WW, cook lots of meals and I'm trying to keep up with my 5K training plan. I'm definitely excited for a new month though. Plus, worst comes to worst, it can stay freezing cold in Michigan but at the end of March, I'll at least be in warm Texas for the Texas Style Council CAMP! Are you signed up yet?

I received this dress from Ruche as a Christmas present. I love it for winter! I definitely gravitate toward specific colors in every season, and navy blue has to be my favorite for winter. Along with burgundy. Burnt orange and hunter green in autumn. Pinks and peaches for spring. And definitely red in summer. I'm trying to rotate more of my closet too so I start wearing more of the things I have, but I'm really ready for another purge and a spring shopping trip. Well, just spring in general, that's for sure!

Now I'm off to take some nighttime cold medicine to knock me out, and binge watch some Netflix with Eric in bed. Have a good night, friends!

Outfit details:

Kinley Pleated Dress By BB Dakota c/o Ruche
Canonbury Park Maxi Cardigan c/o Ruche
Forever21 Bird Necklace (similar)
H&M Ribbed Tights
Bonny Casual Boot c/o Wolverine 1000 Mile