Frozen lighthouse

Last weekend, Eric and I headed to the lakeshore for our cake/pie tasting appointments for the wedding... so we decided to stop and see the frozen-over Grand Haven Lighthouse! It was the perfect winter day. I've been really over winter, but I was honestly totally fine with it on Saturday. The sun was out, and it wasn't totally freezing or crazy windy. We had perfect blue skies, and the sun was actually warming! We headed out on the pier and were shocked to see how frozen over it actually was. There were so many people out too, walking miles out onto Lake Michigan. So crazy!

It was actually really fun to see what the lighthouse catwalks were made for. Catwalks were built so that lighthouse keepers could access the lights when winter had frozen over the pier, or if the lake was too rough and the waves were crashing over making it too dangerous to walk on. In all of my years living in Grand Haven, I had never been able to see the top of the catwalk before! You could easily climb up there and walk, if you wanted to! We stuck to the ice and snow beneath, but you can get a sense of how much snow is built up by looking at an old image of me in summer at this lighthouse. Nuts!

After walking to the end and back, we jumped "off the pier" and onto Lake Michigan. It was so fun to see the lighthouse from a totally different angle. We headed back to the beach, and snapped a few pictures in front of these ice caves. Afterwards, we headed downtown and had a drink at Oddside Ales and headed home. Perfect Saturday!

I feel like such a slacker in stylish outfits land, but I've been wearing jeans and sweaters a ton lately. I just got over a terrible two-week long cold, and I think I wore the same pair of jeans every single day for two weeks straight. I just didn't care. Hahah. I'm so happy that March is finally here though! This weekend we begin Daylight Savings, and that is always such a life saver when it comes to the blog. We also have some higher temperatures in the forecast too (40º!!!) so I'm planning on catching up on all sorts of outfits.

Hope you guys are having a great week and are staying warm! Or if you're down south, just, whatever. ;) At least I'll be there soon at the end of the month. Texas! Woo!

Outfit details:

Diagonal Alley Coat in Black c/o ModCloth (similar)
Forever21 Plaid Scarf (similar)
Forever21 Red Hat
Lalamagic Mustard Camera Bag (similar)
Metal-Arm Cat Eye Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV
Old Navy Tall Faux-Leather Boots (similar)