TxSC: Day Two

On the second day of TxSC, we had a full schedule of yoga (which I slept through ;)), workshops, a keynote dinner and the khaki cool jamboree party! It rained all day off and on, so I'm glad we had things to keep us busy indoors. I spent the morning going over the discussion I was going to be talking on with Carli of Inked Fingers. She has such a sweet soul; I loved getting to know her a bit more!

I went super casual again (and dressed pretty warm) with jeans, an oversized black tee, a printed cardigan, and another cardigan on top. Two out of the three times I've been in Austin, it has been rainy and cold. Maybe I just bring Michigan with me when I go! And at this point, with all of the rain, my nicely curled hair was like peace out, and on came the frizz. ;) Thanks to Chelsea for snapping a few pics of my outfit!

My workshop with Carli was on vulnerability. It was a really great discussion with the group. I talked a bit about my own "scary things" I've posted about on my blog, and how I've always received such an amazing, overwhelming response from my readers. Of course, you might receive the few mean emails, or comments, or whatever, but if you want to share something that will explain who you are (your sexuality, religion, past relationship issues, body image, etc.), then I always say go for it. Make sure you're comfortable enough to talk about those things, be prepared to receive backlash on the internet for whatever you do, but don't feel scared to talk about personal things! There is a huge fallacy in being "perfect" online, and I feel like I've connected more with my readers for not being perfect.

I attended two other workshops after my own, CONNECTION with JulieJen and Amy, and a little Pepperologie course with Jessie. Both were just inspiring to be confident, creative, and to be yourself. And to support other women that are in the same boat! I absolutely love how everyone this entire weekend encouraged you to just be yourself, and that yourself is enough. To always work on becoming a better version of you, and not of someone else. I'm totally guilty of sometimes looking at other bloggers and comparing myself. Or thinking that I'm the only blogger receiving criticism for what I do, or I'm the only one just totally burnt out and tired sometimes. I'm not alone - you're not alone! We're all in this together - in whatever we're doing! Whether that's blogging, or a career, or putting yourself through school, or running a business, or raising your family, or whatever. You are doing an amazing job.

After the workshops, we headed over to the khaki jamboree party! I'll post more about that in my next post. Happy Tuesday, ya'll! (Alright, yeah, I just can't pull that off yet. ;)) xo

Thank you to Chelsea Laine Francis for some of these photos!