Florals on florals

Hello again! I know, two posts in a row, I'm killing it this week. ;) I'm also tired. Hahah. Today, I worked a full-day, and then Eric and I immediately headed out to a summer concert series to see two of our friends play. It was super good! The weather was just beautiful too. I've been loving these last couple of days. No humidity, a perfect windy breeze. Pure bliss. It's supposed to be upwards of 90ΒΊ this weekend though... and I'm a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. Eep! We're going to melt. But it's going to be such a good weekend. I'm crazy looking forward to it.

So I recently cut my bangs back to blunt... like, maybe just a month ago. And they are already so grown out. I've decided to just go side-swept for a while. Bangs are tough. Plus, I have this cowlick that my friend (and hair stylist) and I agreed is just getting stronger the older I get. Great, hm? We also weaved my natural color back in through my hair (it was so red still from last autumn), and lightened the ends. I love love love it. I'll never do a full dye again. My hair is so naturally ashy, that any other color makes my roots look gray! Blonde ends from here 'til the end, my friends.

Did you guys know ModCloth recently launched their very own collection of clothing? I've been a huge ModCloth fan since the very beginning of my blog, and I was so excited to shop the new line! I chose this skirt to style, well, because I obviously just love floral print. Especially one as pretty as this! Plus, the longer length is amazing, it's lined, AND it has pockets! I received so many compliments wearing this tonight at the concert. Be sure to head over and check out all of their new pieces. Super exciting!

Mmk, I'm off for the weekend now. Work tomorrow, wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the big amazing day on Saturday! On Sunday, I hope to just dive straight into Lake Michigan if it's really going to be 90 all weekend. We'll see. And then... I have a four day week before we head to the upper peninsula next weekend! Just a small trip at a friend's family cottage, but I'm pumped! I didn't think we were going to be able to do the U.P. before our wedding (we're going on our honeymoon) and I'm thrilled we get to cross the Mighty Mac two times this year. Woooo!