Division Street

Helloooo! Happy Wednesday. I’m glad this week is going by pretty fast. I think every weekend needs to be a three-day weekend! Last week, Eric and I met up with our friends, Nick & Tifani for tacos, and Tif snapped a few photos of my outfit! The weather last week was perfect summer weather, and my go-to outfit for those days is pretty much always a floral skirt, sandals and a top. I haven’t worn this Madewell backless top yet on the blog, and it’s maybe a year old or so, but here it is. In all of it’s wrinkly glory. I still have to love it. It has an open back, after all. ;)

I went to develop my bachelorette party photos (used a few disposable cameras just for fun) and it’s going to take a WEEK to get them back! What happened to the one-hour photo phenomenon? Maybe it’s because everyone nowadays just uses their phone for instant photos, but waiting a week for images is blowing my mind. So next week it is… until then, I’ll have to entertain you with my outfits. I know, you're so excited.

September is kind of a weird month where you can’t wear your full-on autumn outfits yet, so you’re kind of stuck with your summer stuff… but wanting to wear your autumn stuff. I can never make it work fully. Once October hits, we’re good. But I fear with the wedding coming up and my head spinning with how many “to-do’s” there are, I won’t be able to do as many fall activities as I’d like! Hopefully. I’m going to try and work extra hard this month to make everything happen. Let’s hope this ‘clean eating’ routine gives me more energy. I am a lazy lady lately. I blame the cheddar and sour cream potato chips. (Are those anyone else's weakness too?!)

Outfit details:

Thrifted floral skirt (similar)
Madewell top (similar)
Wane or Shine Necklace c/o ModCloth (similar)
Metal-Arm Cat Eye Sunglasses c/o ZeroUV
Cape May I Join You? Sandal in Black c/o ModCloth (similar)