Coffee + Crafting Date

Well, I totally didn't plan for this post to go live today, but when I heard it was national coffee day, I thought how perfect! Last week, I met up with my friend, Tifani, for a coffee date and a wedding crafting night. Rowster is right in my neighborhood, and it's definitely a popular spot. We didn't get any shots of the inside, but it's beautiful! They have a smaller curated selection of beverages, but amazingly high quality. To be totally honest, I prefer maybe The Sparrows or Lantern over Rowster (I'm a sweet coffee drinker) but for coffee lovers, I'd definitely recommend this place. Talking to you, Chelsea! ;)

I've been living pretty casual lately with my outfits, if you couldn't tell already. Lots of jeans, flowy tops, cardigans, and flats. I've had to run so many more errands than I could have ever imagined (wedding, woo!) so flats are a must for me right now. We finally saw some autumn weather today too,  so hopefully I can pull out my sweaters this weekend! It feels good to wear a cardigan and not sweat like crazy once you leave your comfy A/C at work to go outside. I'm ready for this weather.

In light of the day, what are your favorite coffee beverages? Lately with my slimdown challenge, I've been ordering green tea with honey or a chai tea latte with almond milk. Typically though, I love soy milk (especially vanilla) mixed with espresso and caramel, or a pumpkin spice latte this time of year. I used to work at Biggby (when it was Beaners!) and my favorite thing ever was just a steamer with caramel and soy milk. I love coffee, but definitely sweet and/or watered down. When I do drink coffee at work, I fill half my cup with hazelnut coffee, half with hot water, one packet of Truvia and one tablespoon of sweet cream coffee creamer. It's a concoction of heaven! ;)

Hope you all had a good Tuesday! I'm exhausted from a crazy, hectic day, along with an hour long Piloxing (mix of pilates/boxing) class, which killed my butt, and then we met with our good friend and wedding officiant for a coffee date. All is good! But I am tiiiiired. Have a good hump day tomorrow! Hoping to be back again with my recap of the Runway on Wealthy show, but we'll see how the day goes. One day at a time lately. Thanks for all of your awesome comments on my "motto" yesterday! xo 

Photos by Tifani Lyn Photography

Outfit details:

Levi's Jeans (similar, similar)
Urban Outfitters Cardigan (similar)
Thrifted Floral Tank (similarsimilar
Aeropostale Clock Necklace (similarsimilar)
Pittsburgh Ease Flat in Black c/o ModCloth (similarsimilar)