Porkiemoon Road Trip

Hi guys, I'm back! It's been a struggle trying to get caught up from our vacation, but I'm still on cloud nine from our week in the upper peninsula, so no complaints over here! Our wedding last Saturday was just perfect. We had beautiful weather, such a fun day with friends and family, and I married my amazing husband, Eric! It's crazy to call him my husband. We've lived together for 3 years, and nothing else feels different really, except calling him my husband and seeing him wear a ring. It's so fun! But we spent our "porkiemoon" up north exploring the Porcupine Mountains! I hope you guys had fun following along on Instagram, and I know you've had several questions on what items I was wearing, so hopefully these next several posts clear that up for you!

My goal now is to get back into blogging! Wedding planning can seriously consume you. I was so busy at the end there! Especially with signing up for that slimdown challenge, I felt completely overwhelmed. I still feel slightly overwhelmed honestly. But then I look at my to-do list, and I'm like, you're good! It's done! And it turned out great! Go you! But now I'm excited to get back into blogging more, organizing our apartment (it's a total disaster), cooking at home again, enjoying a free weekend with friends, or shopping, I swear... these things are luxuries! I'm looking forward to the holidays, and to life slowing down a bit.

On our way up north, we stopped to stretch our legs and to snap a few photos because the fall colors were so pretty! We had a really colorful drive the entire way up. I recently picked up these jeans from Aeropostale as a "quick fix" (they were only $13) and honestly I love them. Perfect road trip jeans... stretchy and comfy. When you're in the car for nine hours, comfy is key, so I decided to go with a plaid and some chucks too. We got into the mountains around midnight, and I was exhausted! I have a few more posts from up north, and I can't wait to share. Stick around this week, or follow me on Bloglovin to stay updated!