Sugarloaf Mountain

For the last two days of our honeymoon, we headed east to stay in Marquette for a couple of nights. I've been to Marquette several times, but haven't really explored too much before! As soon as we got into town, we went to the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse, but unfortunately due to renovation, it was closed. Since that's a really easy one to get to, I decided to not blog about that one until later when I can tour it fully! I know, nerd. So instead we decided to go and check out Sugarloaf Mountain. After been there, I would definitely say this is a "must-visit" if you're in Marquette. 

We parked in the small lot, and approached a sign that said "easy or difficult" trail with arrows. We decided to try the "easy" trail, not being great hikers. It was a relatively short walk to get to the top. Maybe a half hour at most? Most of the hills had stairs, and some were bigger reaches than others, but all in all, a very easy hike compared to others in the upper peninsula. Once you've reached the top, the view is 100% worth it. It's amazing! You can see everything from the lighthouse, to the iron ore dock, and on a clear day, all the way to Canada! We had just missed a water spout too. I think it happened as we were climbing up to the top, but I'm so bummed we missed that! That would have been insane to see.

I went very comfortable all weekend long, which, let's be honest, is my style these days anyway. I just picked up this coat from H&M because it was fleece-lined and really comfortable and warm! I stole Eric's hat, put on some jeans and some boots, and I could walk a million miles in this outfit. On our last couple of days, the temperatures definitely dropped from mid 50's to low 40's. So I'm glad I brought lots of layers!

After climbing Sugarloaf Mountain, we decided to go check out a very-well recommended restaurant called Portside Inn. It was super yummy! We ended up sitting at the bar to have drinks, and ate dinner up there. I'd definitely recommend their famous breadsticks (it comes with the best cheese to dip) and we split pasta and a small pizza. Very yum! We called it an early night after that to head back to our hotel and go in the pool (one of my favorite things about staying at a hotel). And hit the hay early! I have one more post from our last day in MQT, so I'll post that tomorrow!