Sweet, sweet heartkiller

When I was thinking about today's outfit, I decided I really wanted some "boyfriend" jeans. So, I found my baggiest, old pair of jeans. Went outside, in the pitch black, wearing my pajama pants and holding a flashlight to the ground looking for a rock by the railroad tracks. My husband comes out, tells me I'm crazy, helps me search for a rock. We find a good one, and I proceed to set up my flashlight, and scrape my jeans against the pavement with the rock. It wasn't working so well, so Brett suggested I scraped them against his skateboard deck. It worked beautifully! But if you can imagine me, in my jammies, creating this jeans, hopefully you can at least smile at that. Haha!

Outfit details:

American Eagle jeans
Thrifted blazer
Gifted scarf
Gap tee