Sixty-eight degrees

I cut out of class early today (sneakily!) because I just had to. Kendall was empty today, it felt like, because the weather was just too gorgeous to sit inside a classroom. The news said that this is probably our last fall day in the upper 60's; which is sad. I love and adore warm  autumn weather. 68 degrees and breezy. I took the back roads home again, enjoyed the lovely colors and the new Tegan and Sara album I'm currently in total love with.

I think I went a little crazy today with colors, which isn't like me. But I felt the need to mix colors and patterns while I still can. I just bought these tights and adore them; and the golden cardigan felt so fall. I'm also still toying with the scarves under belts. I'm currently loving it and plan to work this into a lot more outfits. I really need a huge chunky h&m scarf and more thin belts.

I'm also very inspired by Miu Miu's spring 2010 collection's braids. Hence, my messy mane. My hair isn't as long, but their braids are a little bit dramatic, so I think it works out quite well for my hair!

Tonight, Brett and I went to go see Whip It. We both loved it. It was such a great movie. I always get so inspired from movies to do something really great with my life. Not like I'm going to go join a roller derby, but I just want to do something great. I felt the same way after walking out of Julie & Julia. Not to cook, but to do something that others look up to and that inspire others. I feel like I'd love to accomplish that with blogging, but I know every other girl in the world is blogging and it's so hard to stand out in the internet crowd. But to be honest? My favorite thing is to sit and read these old blog posts, and to read other girl's blog posts no matter the number of readers. So even if I inspire just one of you, I've accomplished a giant feat.

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters cardigan
Thrifted scarf
American Apparel skirt
Betsey Johnson tights
Forever 21 belt
Urban Outfitters flats