Glamazon Hair Shoot

Last weekend, I was a hair model for Blake at Glamazon Salon, located in downtown Muskegon. He wanted to go for the messy, wild, untamed look. We thought the animal print scarf matched that thought. Andrea got some great photographs, see them at her flickr! I don't look this pretty in real life, this is all Andrea's doing.

I'm currently in the process up figuring out my spring 2010 schedule; and I'm going nuts. I need to replace classes, work less hours, and get tons of approvals from my program chair in order to do this, and I'll be at 18 credits (studio credits) which are 6 hours a week, so that will total 36 hours a week of classes alone, and then I'll be working my typical 24-25 hours at work. I'm going to be busy from 6:30 AM - 10:30 PM Mon thru Thurs with work, class, driving and it'll be tough, but I did it last semester and I had to lose 35 pounds on top of that, so I'm sure I'll do fine. Plus, when I'm done, I'll be graduated, and I won't have to take summer classes after graduation. So! Life will suck, but it will be well worth it. The future looks so exciting and yet so terrifying. I'm so nervous to find a real career, because then I'll officially be a grown up. But money would be lovely ;)