Grand Rapids Fashion Week

Grand Rapids Fashion Week was a huge success and so much fun. My two very good friends, Brenna and Andrea came over to get ready. We listened to music, tried on different outfits and settled on these. It is so much fun having girlfriends who love fashion as much as I do. All of these photos turned out so amazing and I must credit Andrea; she did such a great job and I love her photography. Check it out at her flickr page and tell her to become a fashion photographer ;)

This is Brenna; isn't she just stunning? Those dark eyes and her dark hair, gosh! It's so inspiring having gorgeous friends.

Brett got some shots of the three of us; they look so great. It sure doesn't hurt having super hot friends though either ;) Andrea (the one I always talk about and love) is on the right. She is seriously such an inspiration. Her style is so amazing, and she's the nicest, most amazing friend I could ever ask for.

Andrea got a couple of detail shots of my outfit. I was definitely inspired by Top Shop's collection. I was walking out the door and Brett was like.. "Why is your scarf under your belt?" and I was like, "Ugh, boys just don't understand!" Haha!

Brett was such a good sport for this whole thing; he always is. He untangled our necklaces, took photos of us, and even was a super sweetheart when Andrea took photos of us!

We got to downtown Grand Rapids and headed to Devos Place. Got our tickets, headed inside and walked around the convention. We signed up for lots of freebies (it'd be so lovely to win something!) and checked out all of the local boutiques who set up booths. I didn't realize how many boutiques Grand Rapids had! You could go shopping here, check out new items, and it was from places all over West Michigan. Loved it!

Then, after that, we walked around downtown getting a few shots. These were taken outside GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) Such amazing scenery for photography, although it was freezing!

We went to TGI Friday's to grab a bite for dinner. Then we headed back to Devos for the runway show. It was a blast! I was just sitting there thinking how much fun I was having.We are so inspired now and want to find more fashion shows in the area. And we want to save our money to go to NY Fashion Week next year ;) How awesome would that be?

Amazing time! Afterwards, we walked to The BOB and ate a cookie skillet dessert and called it an early night. Loveeeee those girls; had such a wonderful day.