Let's see what happens

Happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week already. Life flies, honestly. The weeks go by like minutes. I feel like it's all flashing before my eyes. It doesn't help that I'm so busy though. I've had some pretty crazy life changes lately and outlooks on it all. All I know is that I'm so content with the future right now. No matter what, I will have a very comfortable lifestyle after graduation and I couldn't be more blessed, not to mention I get to stay in my home state. Once I hear more about it all in a week or so, I'll announce more news.

Today was a beautiful autumn day, I had a great time in my classes, and I got to see Jen for a little while today, which was perfect. I adore her. I really hope I get to see more of her tomorrow night, and hopefully some on Friday night too. I'm seriously Jen-selfish, but I just love her to death and I want to take every minute I can get!

After class, Brett and I went to his parent's church so Brett could be a pirate in a skit they were putting on. We got a couple slices of pizza, some cupcakes and Brett played his pirate part. His mom wanted him to play it because he has tattoos and "nose-balls"! Haha! (his septum piercing), isn't that hilarious? Noseballs. ps; Did you know I have a septum piercing too? :)

Outfit details:

American Apparel skirt
Target tights
Sam & Libby flats
Urban Outfitters top
Urban Outfitters scarf