An October day

I thought it would be fun to do a blog post each month where I took a typical day in the month and take one photo every hour. It would just be fun to look back on and see a normal day, in a certain time period in my life and the things I saw and did. So every month, I want to do something like this! Preferably on a normal day where I do something that defines the season. It was very hard to keep track of every hour to take a photo, so these are approximately one hour increments. ;) So, enjoy!

11:17 am - wake up, fiber one bar

12:25 - heat up leftover pizza for lunch

1:57 - halloween usa to look around

3:30 - green acres to buy pumpkins and caramel apples

4:20 - told brett to sweep the kitty litter up in the laundry room

5:30 - vacuumed and cleaned the stairwell

6:22 - made this sign for our hallway

7:30 - carve pumpkins in the kitchen

8:17 - finished carving pumpkins!

9:00 - waiting for the seeds to dry

9:17 - eat my caramel apple

9:45 - finished pumpkin seeds!