Black gold

Happy Friday! I adore the weekends! Who doesn't? After I worked all day, I came home so Brett could snap a few shots outside but my camera was completely dead and we had to run quick because we had plans with his parents! They treated us to Pizza Hut. (Love their thin crust veggie lovers!) and we went to see The Blind Side which is such a good, heartfelt movie. I really loved it. Brett went to bed early because he's working overtime tomorrow and I should also be getting to bed soon too because tomorrow I'm going out to see Andrea for our all day shopping expedition and I'm staying over at her stunning apartment. I'm so excited!

I had no idea what I felt like wearing today. I've had holiday party dress ideas on my mind for the past few days, so I guess it's the kind of look I came up with today also! I have so many holiday inspired outfits right now, but I've been trying to at least wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start wearing some of them! The holidays are such a fun time to dress. I bought these tights actually for my work holiday party, but after trying them, I feel like they're a bit much? Especially paired with the black gold sweater I found at a thrift store. But it's definitely a fun holiday outfit, so maybe it's good for inspiration in the future for some of you! I took these photos when we got home and it was pitch black out, so I had to get some indoors. I usually hate my camera indoors, but these didn't turn out terribly.

I am so excited for tomorrow! We're going to Troy to the Somerset mall? Apparently it's super fancy and amazing. I cannot wait. I'm especially excited to go to Urban Outfitters too. They have so many cute holiday dresses and I definitely plan on picking up one! They have this velvet bow one online that I really want. I'm also looking for a gold buttoned jacket or cardigan, a huge chunky black/white/grey thread cardigan, some kind of a jumper and always looking for cute tights, scarves and accessories. I also really want some baggy cut off jean shorts and I'm also super inspired by this entire outfit so I might have to try and recreate it. Any which way, I'm so so so excited. Can't wait for the blog post and all the wonderful pictures coming up!

Outfit details:

Thrifted sweater
Vintage locked
Forever21 flats
Forever21 tights
Forever 21 sweater