Blue november

So what an exciting day, seriously. I'm exhausted from all the excitement. I had work this morning, class this afternoon and by the time I got out, it was dark outside. I power-scootered today too. I got from KCAD to my parking space in like 10 minutes. The weather was amazing downtown and the atmosphere of scooting over the bridges was perfection. I think I might be the only twenty-something that rides a razor scooter, especially in an urban setting! I absolutely adore it. I get stares from people who think I must be nuts. It's so absolutely fun. I have the time of my life riding it.

There is a bank right on Lyon that blows out hot air and an amazing chlorine scent. Does anyone else know what I'm talking about? I always used to stop to it while it was winter on my scooter and warm up and smell like a pool. Anyway, this dress just reminds me of that scent. Does anybody else have fashion inspiration from a scent? Haha! But seriously. Looking through my closet, this just triggered that memory/thought. I love how fashion can do things like that. It can do so much more than just look stylish. It can define you.

Outfit details:

Kensie dress
Anne Klein tights
Forever21 belt
Gap cardigan
Target heels