Brief moments downtown

Today was just one of "those" days. Drove all the way out to Grand Rapids, didn't go to class, drove out by this pedestrian tunnel to take some quick photos, but it was on a hill and my tripod was angry and as you can see, my camera was too. These just turned out fuzzy and overexposed. Oh well. I got home, cleaned like a madwoman. I hate having to have the heater on, because I feel like it gets so dusty in the apartment.. and my throat, skin, hair, everything just feels dry and gross. Yuck for dry heat. At least it's been staying mid-50's and sunshine so we don't use it too much, but yeah, eh!

I felt like mixing lots of patterns today, so I went with Brett's striped shirt, my polka dot tights and my floral skirt. I don't think I could overwear these tights... they're my favorite still to this day. Now I'm pining over heart shaped ones. I need to invest in more sweater tights though... wearing those the other day were seriously too great. Felt like wearing sweatpants but they still looked cute, except if you're Betty, you can wear actual sweatpants and still look absolutely perfect. Darn her!

Tonight, Brett and I grilled out for dinner and I tried to make mashed potatoes. They were even the steam-bag, frozen ones that are seriously so easy to make and they turned out like crap. I cannot cook a thing! My mom is seriously an amazing cook and I'm so worried I'll never be able to be like her. I can't even cook frozen mashed potatoes. This is why we eat out often. Then we watched Elf and did all of our laundry at his parent's house. I guess there is a huge meteor shower at 4 am that I'd love to see but won't probably because I love my sleep so much more. How retarded.. blah! Anywho, one more thing... I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Delightfully Tacky. She has been one super amazing girl in this whole experience for me. I was freaked getting myself into blogging about fashion because I feel like I don't know a thing, but having someone like that to support you and just be amazing is what makes this all so much fun. So, thank you, Delightfully Tacky! You're truly an inspiration.

Outfit details:

Forever21 skirt
Top, borrowed from Brett
J. Crew tights
B Hip! by Me Jane jacket