Living the dream

Gorgeous weather today! November is off to a beautiful start. This entire week is supposed to be high 50's and sunshine. Could it get any better? I don't think so! Well maybe 60's, but I'm taking my high 50's and being so thankful. It is the month for giving thanks and being thankful, right?!

I found the most perfect pile of leaves today. Seriously. They were completely dry, smelled so amazing and were crunchy and wonderful. I wanted to sit in the leaves and play forever. I tried to get Brett to hop into the leaves too but I was denied. I think I may have this problem of not ever growing up. I think that's why Brett loves me though secretly deep down ;) I make the craziest faces, the craziest voices and I'm a hyper mess. I dance around the apartment, sing songs to myself in the car, chase the cats around the apartment and roam around elevators when I'm the only one in them. Seriously, I have major issues. And I love it.

We can't get through a typical "outfit shoot" without some crazy moves, and then I always end up jumping, falling and giggling all the while Brett snaps photos away saying that these ones are his favorite. Thought I'd share! (along with the thoughts going on in my head!)

(Weeee! Look at me!)

(Weeeee... ruh-oh! There goes my shoe!)

(Eep! There goes me too!)

(Hold on here, lemme get a balance...)

(Got it! No worries!)

Seriously. Those of you who follow, follow a weirdo.

Outfit details:

Thrifted dress
Forever21 jacket
Target tights
Urban Outfitters hat
Thrifted belt
Sam & Libby flats