November sun

Another 60 degree, beautiful, sunny day. I don't understand where Michigan is getting this weather. It's the end of November. And it's just simply gorgeous. Full blown autumn still. I'm pleased as punch! I left Andrea's this morning and drove an hour and 45 minutes home. The sun was blaring on me the entire time and I thought I'd burst into flames at one point. I even had to turn the fan on for a bit. End of November! I know, it's crazy! Brett and I got some lunch, I showed him all of my new purchases (ee!) and then we went grocery shopping and to see Planet 51. Meh? Not half as good as many other animated movies I've seen (Up! anybody?) Now, I'm home. I need to organize, plan, clean, put things away but instead I'm addicted to the internet, per the usual! I don't think Desperate Housewives is on tonight either. Booo.

Brett told me I looked 90's grunge today. I laughed. I've always thought the '90's had the worst fashion, the worst music, the worst everything, but maybe I should reevaluate. I got this amazing floral print dress from UO. As soon as I saw it, I snatched it up. I also got a plain black cardigan from UO that I was in dire need of. My other one gets those dingleberries or whatever they're called. Brett is going to laugh out loud when he reads dingleberries. I bought this circle scarf probably 2 months ago now, just haven't had the weather to wear it really. It's still not even cold enough to. It was 60 today, but I wanted to wear it anyway. And these (most importantly) are my new boots by Jeffrey Campbell. I like gasped when I saw them. I didn't see them right away because they were up high and I pulled them down and immediately had to get them. I love them so so so so much. They exceeded my expectations of what I wanted to find. Gosh, I don't know if I've ever loved shoes more. Ever.

Hi, Brett! I don't have a whole ton of pictures of Brett on here anymore because I've had so many fashion posts and outfits lately, but he is #1 always! We've been so busy with work (and me trying to finish up fall semester) that we haven't taken any trips or done anything worth documenting lately besides the typical weekend of movies and eating out for every meal. Hehe! I'll have a lot more "varied" blog posts coming up in the near future. December is a busy month already! ps; I'm eating the freshest Jujies in the world right now. Mmmmm!!

Outfit details:

Urban Outfitters dress
Urban Outfitters cardigan
Target tights
Urban Outfitters bag
Thrifted belt
Jeffrey Campbell boots