Passion for blogging

Busy, busy, busy. I'm so very busy. It's the last real month of the fall semester and my passion for blogging and fashion has totally busied up my lifestyle in every single way, but I must admit I'm in love. This is the one thing I've truly been super passionate about nowadays. It consumes my thoughts and everywhere I look, I find inspiration. Girls on the street, friends I never knew were so stylish, music, art and now I'm finding scent as inspiration! Who would've thought? Fashion and personal style has never meant more to me and I'll never take it for granted again. It is such an outlet for expression.

When I first started blogging and lurking my around, I didn't know where to start because there are so many blogs out there about fashion and real girl personal style, but I've found now that I've been in this for a little while who some of my favorites are. There are so many out there, but I've found if a blog appeals to me right away (I'm a graphic designer, of course I judge a blog by it's cover), I'll add it to my bloglovin' link list. If, then, after a while I'm still loving the blog, waiting until they post again (and posting everyday is a big deal for me, I love the girls that do) and find myself saving their photos in my inspiration folder trying their wonderful looks, then I feel like I must promote them and let the world know how wonderful they are. I know a lot of girls do the "blogger of the moment" which I'd love to start something of mine like that, but I might wait until I've got my feet a little bit more on the ground, but for now, I'd love to show you 4 bloggers I'm in absolute love with. Each of them have the exact style I strive for and adore and are all truly beautiful girls, seemingly inside and definitely out. Click on their links to go straight to their blogs, link them and you won't regret it. Keep supporting blogs! They provide something you can relate to and show you how it can work with typical everyday life.

Outfit details:

Forever21 skirt
Forever21 belt
Target tights
Forever21 top
Forever21 vest
Ralph Lauren heels