So it's starting to look a little bit more like Michigan in November (gray days) but at least the temperatures are staying up (for now!) Brett was freezing when we were taking these and I was super comfortable. I swear these sweater tights are 10x warmer than jeans. Plus it's 50 outside. That's warm! I worked this morning, took Brett out to lunch at Panera Bread (turkey artichoke on focaccia! mmm) and then headed to school. I got everything done I needed to in class, but I have to stick around for physics tonight. Ewww! I'm an art student in a physics class. How did that happen? Having to have the one science requirement, that's how. And having an insane schedule, that's how too. Oh well, almost done! 2 more weeks left of classes! Then I'm off to my final semester in college!

I am so super comfortable today in this outfit! I feel like I'm kind of coming into my own with my style, if that makes sense. I've always purchased the right pieces, just never knew how to put them together before. When I started getting into fashion more recently, my closet was a wonderland. How could I put these prints together, how can I make this new when I've already worn it 100 times? I feel like ever since I've started this my style has been all over the board, but now I feel like I'm approaching this style that totally fits me and it's kind of undefinable, but I'm loving it. I'm feeling way more self confident than any other time in my life (mostly thanks to you guys) but I'm just happy!

I adore playgrounds. In two out of the last three places we've lived, there has been a playground across the street! How perfect does that work out? Perfect. Well, except the first place inhabited drug dealers and men who exercised on the equipment doing pull-ups without their shirts on. Not exactly ideal, but it's living in places like that, that define you. Brett and I have the craziest stories from the Wesley house.

I bought this cardigan at Macy's this past weekend for $20. Can't beat that! It's the warmest and most comfy thing in the world too. I'm so happy when I go into the tween no-brand name section and find exactly what I want and for cheap. I'm in love with the fact that you can be totally stylish and not willing to shell out your entire paycheck on something. You just have to be creative. People will most likely love you for it anyway.

So! There are little snowflakes on my Macbook Pro dashboard for Thursday. If it snows, I'm sure it'll melt right away because the temperatures have been in the 50's, but mannnnn, I'm not ready for snow! I was hoping it would hold out until December 1st, we'd have a crazy wonderful white snowstorm, it would stay that way until December 31st, then it would all melt and go back to the weather we've been having lately until spring. Wouldn't that be lovely? Yes, it would.

Outfit details:

Macy's cardigan
Forever21 shorts
Thrifted plaid
Forever21 necklace
Jeffrey Campbell boots