Red in nature

So I've decided that those Pure Michigan ads need to start paying me. I boast about Michigan so much, because seriously? I love it here. I'm not a "let's go tanning beach bum" (I'm the pastiest girl ever!) but I am a beach bum in a totally different aspect. I'm in love with Lake Michigan, our dunes, our forests, our farmlands, our fields, our cities, our lighthouses, our bridges, our history, our seasons. I have no complaints and am so excited for the rest of my life here. I grew up here, I'll raise my children here, my family is here, and I'll be buried here next to Brett with our picture engraved on our shared tombstone. Mmmhmm! It's true. There will be hearts too. But seriously, they should pay me. We travel around the state so much, I photograph every pretty sight and I brag and brag. Anyway, I walked a million miles and a million stairs to get these shots for you guys today by the lake and the dunes!

I got a lot of compliments at work today for this ensemble. When I put it on last night, I thought I was a little crazy. I felt like one of those crazy red hat ladies. You know the ones I'm talking about? You see them all sitting on their parade float with their huge red hats and purple dresses or walking around downtown to their red hat society meetings? Haha, oh brother.

My heels are very Christian Louboutin inspired by the red sole. I just read in Marie Claire that the red sole was a happy accident (don't you just love those?) He said that he was working on a shoe inspired by pop art and when he got his prototype, something didn't feel quite right. His assistant was painting her nails, so he grabbed the bottle and painted the bottoms red, and just like that his trademark was born. Thank goodness for Chanel nail polish!

Outfit details:

Forever12 skirt
Forever21 belt
Anne Klein tights
Limited cardigan
Ragstock scarf
Wanted heels