Shut up and get rad

I left class on my break to go explore one of our hundreds of parking garages. They kind of work out great for taking fashion shots.. because there is a lot of natural light and I'm shielded from any sprinkling rain we might have. Plus I don't get stares from lurking businessmen or caddy women! Except today.. I was outside on top of the parking garage again.. and I look across the street into a building and there is a woman like staring... and then I saw her take a bite of something and drink some of her coffee and never for a second taking her eyes off me. I honestly felt so creeped that I went back inside to take the photos instead! I don't know if she thought I could see her.. it's like get a life, lady! Quit staring. I hate when people stare. I mean.. a quick nod and a smile and a friendly hello is wonderful.. but when people just stare? Is what I'm doing honestly the craziest thing you've ever seen? Go to the corner of Fulton and Division and see the crazy chanting lady for entertainment if your life is that mundane! Haha.. that was a long rant. Eep!

I felt really inspired by my friend, Andrea, to get a shot kneeling down like this. She looked amazing, so I thought I'd give it a try. I just picked up these acid wash jeans. Never in my life did I think I'd be wearing acid wash jeans, but they're pretty punk rock, if you ask me! I'm loving them! This is a super simple outfit, so I tried to jazz it up by wearing a lot of gold and pearl accessories and kick it up with my heels. These shoes are scary to walk in. Not only are they a mile high, but they are insanely slippery on the bottom. It's like walking with a death sentence strapped to my little feets!

I'm currently obsessed with Teenage Bottlerocket and have been playing their CD over and over and over. I think today I've listened to it fully through at least 5 times. Brett and I just went and saw them live a few weeks ago at our local venue, Mixtape Cafe, and it was probably the best band I've ever seen live. It was a smaller audience so it just had the perfect personal feel and the vibe they put out was just the best ever. All the kids in the crowd were genuine and it was just so refreshing and amazing.

Outfit details:

Forever21 jeans
Thrifted jacket
Forever21 top
Forever21 accessories
Vintage locket
Target heels