Urban beaches

Happy Friday, everyone! Today is "casual day" at work, and I thought I'd wear my jeans because I could. Jeans used to be my favorite thing in the world. I'd wear them every day... and now I definitely don't wear them everyday, but I still adore my jeans. Especially these skinny ones with the zipper bottoms. When I had today's outfit in mind, I wanted to sport the whole feminine/rocker look, but the only thing I have rocker is my faux leather bomber jacket (which I sported in the www article!) and my belt I got from a thrift store... that I love! Who could have gotten rid of a belt with a zipper running along it? Lots of zippers today, faux leather and white feminine accents. My feet also kill from wearing these heels, but I adore them to death! Well worth the splurge of money!

These photos make our little beach town look urban, but really it's not! If we want anything fun to do in a "city setting", we always drive to Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is probably more of my "home" than any other city in this world, but Grand Haven is slowly getting there. But I do love Grand Rapids so much. I'm definitely torn, but that's why Grand Haven is lovely. We're five minutes from gorgeous beaches and thirty minutes away from an amazing city and only 3 hours away from my favorite big city, Chicago.

Now we're off to see Couples Retreat finally. I usually go and see every movie at the movie theater because movies are only $5 here and popcorn combos are only $3.97, so it's a cheap thrill and not to mention I'm a movie queen. We go to the movies at least 2 times a week, so it's a typical Friday! Love you all, thank you so much for reading, I appreciate every comment, every view and every supporting follower. You guys are the best!

Outfit details:

Old Navy jeans
Forever21 top
Thrifted belt
B Hip! by Me Jane jacket
Forever21 headband
Ralph Lauren heels