Bright snow

I'm not about to go frolicking around town in this dress in our current weather situation, but I couldn't wait to show you the Rodarte for Target dress I just bought last weekend. I went to the Target in Muskegon and the collection was barely touched. Muskegon doesn't know what they're missing! I found the exact dress I wanted in my exact size... and I absolutely adore it. It is the perfect print. I also read that two of my favorite girls, Jen Loves Kev and Orchid Grey also bought the same one! I can't wait to see Julie in hers too!

The sun was out all day and I was in love. I got out of work early, basked in the glory of sunshine pouring through my car windows, bright blue skies, clear roads, lunch and shopping with my adorable husband. What more could I ask for? We went to the mall to return a dress that was too small and I couldn't find anything else I liked, so I'm just stockpiling all of these gift cards. Why is it that when you have gift cards.. you can't find anything you like. But when you're poor and walk into a store, you're in love with everything?!

I really need a wedding to wear this to. It's a shame I only have like two friends in the real world and they aren't getting married in spring. If you live in Michigan, or a surrounding state, and want to invite Brett and I to your spring wedding, we will buy you an amazing gift.. promise! Or.. Kait and Jer...? There's still enough time! I'll help you plan!

I'm very excited for the holidays to be over, mostly because I was eating too much. I know it's alright to say.. oh it's the holidays, worry about it later, but those are the exact predicaments that make me nervous. I'm pretty sure I'll be gaining tomorrow thanks to the sweet potatoes and the cookies and those delicious rice krispy treats my mother made. Not to mention, the chicken fingers and french fries and the chocolate pecan puddles. Ugh. We tore down all the Christmas decorations tonight and I'm really glad. I was feeling unorganized. I also threw away everything I might be tempted to snack on. Our fridge and cupboards are pretty bare and that's the way I keep it always. Feeling better already!

Brett is at band practice and I'm watching Father of the Bride on television. It was definitely my favorite movie growing up - along with part 2 and Grumpy Old Men and Grumpier Old Men. I honestly believe those four movies taught me every moral I have. I had somewhat of a hard childhood and somehow I think I turned out normal and I must give credit to those movies. I still to this day see Steve Martin in new movies and think of him as a father figure. I used to have to stay home by myself at night, when my mom had to work evenings and I was so scared.. so I'd just watch Father of the Bride every single night.. sometimes twice in a row. It just always made me feel so much better. Just the other night, we saw It's Complicated and my heart melted when I saw Steve Martin. Love him!

I'm kind of slacking on updating the Selective Potential mix compilation, but I haven't forgotten about it. I'm just in love with a few songs right now that I really wanted to put on the player for a few days. I'm currently in love with my post-hardcore bands. I go in and out of phases all within the realm of punk. I'm seriously insanely stubborn with music and I have been since I was pretty young. Right now, I can't stop listening to this song (Lock and Key -303). If anyone's got my heart, it's you. I updated my player too, of course. Enjoy.

Psst.. any other Michigan bloggers out there? Am I the only west Michigan fashion blogger? I really want to attend a blogger meet up in the area (Chicago, even?) Let me know. I'd love to meet some new girls! Or try to put one on.. or get a few girls together for the Kendall fashion show in the spring. Keep me in the know!