Christmas at Mom's

Saturday night was our traditional Christmas at Mom's house. She always has her party the day after Christmas, which works out great with family. I love her and my step-dad, Dave, to pieces. Their party was so much fun. Our entire family showed up.. and we have a huge family. It was really great to see everyone. My mom loved my photo booth idea so much that she decided to do it at her party too. I love the way it turned out. Brett and I got up there to do our photos and everyone was laughing and when we were done, everyone clapped. We're photogenic professionals!

This is me, with my gorgeous mother and sister, Lori. Someday I'm going to dip up some old photos of me and my sister. She's older than I am, but we've been such great friends. I think my Mom had her when she was 19 and had me when she was 35. Quite a difference, but you'd never tell when we get to see each other.

My mom's tree was adorable. I had to get a snapshot of her lights because it completely reminded me of something that Delightfully Tacky would have on her tree!

What a super fun night. We even got our first wedding photography gig! It's for family, for my cousin, Tina, but it's a start! It's not until next October, so we're going to get another (better) Nikon and a few more lenses. I'm also going to order a few more photography Photoshop actions. It'll be super exciting. Brett and I don't do much on the weekends anyway and if we could earn a few by doing weddings or senior portraits, why not?! I'm super excited. We're going to try to do an LLC freelance business after I graduate, called D&D Design. How great would that be?