Fall semester ends

Fall semester ended today and I didn't actually end up going into class! I woke up this morning and headed into work. The roads were insanely terrible and it's been snowing non-stop ever since. It is full blown winter here! I think I'm going to get the white Christmas that I asked for! I really love it. Our seasons have been pretty darn great. Summer could have been a little bit warmer, but autumn was just amazing and now winter is really great too. I love having such drastic seasons. So my professor emailed our class and said to just work from home, so I have a few pdf's to finish up and email those over and I'm done! How amazing!

Nothing too crazy today. I'm having a super hard time finding winter inspiration. Anybody else who lives in conditions like I do? It felt like autumn was such an easy time to dress. I adored the colors, the outdoor backdrops, I felt so inspired by the golden sunlight and all of the colors and making myself blend in with my favorite season. I see so many fashionable girls in wintry settings, but I really need to invest in some jackets and some new boots too. I need to go lurk around my favorite bloggers and save some photos and think of some things I want to get soon. I really can't spend a whole ton of money on myself right now with the holidays, so I'll just have to make due until after Christmas. Let's see if we can do it..!

It is insanely windy today too. I still need to get outside and run a few errands for work. Right now, I'm watching Waitress. I love Keri Russell; she is stunning. I'm also thinking about dinner.. chicken tender salad... tacos...frozen pizza? Gosh, I need to learn how to cook.

Have a great weekend everybody! We don't have plans, so I'm excited. Maybe catch a movie, clean up the apartment, get a few things done I've been needing to get done. No more homework. :D

Outfit details:

Thrifted blazer
Gap tee
Forever21 jeans
Forever21 necklace
Target scarf
Jeffrey Campbell boots