First day of winter

It's the first day of winter! It feels like it has been winter for a while though! Today was your perfect winter day, in my opinion. Clear roads yet pretty white snow. I got out of work at my normal time today (I've been getting extra hours in which is so nice money-wise!) but I wanted to meet up with my Mom to go shopping downtown. We went to eat at the Dee-Lite, looked around the Mackinaw Kite company, Fortino's and The Paper Co. Then, we shopped at Flotto's, Michigan Rag Co. and bought some delicious breads at Great Harvest Bread Co. My town is super local everything. I had a great time with Mom. She bought me some monkey bread.. and now I feel fat and sick from eating one piece. Eep!

I swear.. one of the best things is going into a thrift store, sifting through the rack of old lady skirts and then turning them into dresses. I did it back in November too! I found this gem buried in the middle of the rack and was like.. that's kind of a cute print! I tried it as a skirt.. yuck. It's so funny what hiking it up and belting it can do. Especially paired with a bomber jacket and my favorite boots in the world.

Tonight, Brett and I went and see The Princess and the Frog. So cute! Gosh, I love cartoon Disney movies. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it. My favorite growing up was Beauty and the Beast. What was yours? Now I'm home.. thinking about munching on the cookie dough in the fridge. Naughty! Also, I'm going to start updating my player at least every other day with the mixed CD song I made for my giveaway. I thought I'd start the compilation with my favorite song in the entire world - Get me naked 2: electric boogaloo by Minus the Bear. Best band ever.. hands down.. best song ever. Even though Minus the Bear has so many of my favorite songs in this world... ugh, so amazing. Keep checking back!