Frankenmuth, Michigan

Today was absolutely fantastic. In December, I thought it would be fitting to go to a Christmas town - Frankenmuth, Michigan. It has the largest Christmas store in the world, Bronner's Christmas Wonderland. We took the 3 hour trip out there and went to Bronner's first to peruse millions of decorations, trees, ornaments, wreaths, cards, gifts, lights, toys, you name it. Everything you can think of Christmas... it was there. I loved it, hehe! Brett on the other hand...

This is how Brett felt about Bronner's. Haha! I mean, it is old lady's paradise. It is fun looking all of the Christmas stuff, but it was absolutely packed. We didn't stay too long. Just picked up a really cute pair of mittens for our niece and a few gifts for my two bosses. I remember coming here as a kid and loving it! You can't come to a Christmas town and not go to the largest Christmas store in the world!

This was taken right outside Bronner's. They had some massive decorations outside, as you can see! I'm very layered. It was approximately 28 degrees outside today. There was basically no snow on the east side of the state! We have the lake effect, so we have tons of it, but it was still pretty chilly, but I can't lie.. I'm actually kind of in love with this weather right now. I like layering up and being cold. I'm sure it'll get old soon, but I'll just love it for now.

After Bronner's, we headed just down Main street to the heart of downtown Frankenmuth. It's called "little Bavaria", so everything is so themed in this town. It's adorable. So many of the buildings looked like this. Brett and I just walked all around, perusing gift shops, trying on silly hats and taking dumb photos of each other doing random things. The typical things we do when we travel around to different touristy areas.

Brett decided to take a little nap outside, of course.

I honestly think Brett could be a Chictopia style icon! Look at his impeccable taste!

We asked a lady to take our photo and she stood a million feet away, but at least you get to see our festive surroundings!

We went to this random little place that had this laser beam challenge and a hall of mirrors. It was so awesome. You had to wear gloves so you didn't get fingerprints on the mirrors and you had to walk with your hands out otherwise you'd run into the mirror. Brett and I lost each other a few times and were talking to each other's reflection in the mirror. Haha!

Afterwards, we headed back toward Birch Run which is right before you get on the highway to head home. We stopped to this diner and asked to be seated in the non-smoking area. Well, the waitress was so mean and sat us right next to the smoking section and Brett and I couldn't breathe and our eyes were all watery. So we asked another waitress if we could move and she said (so mean), sit anywhere you want and like waved her hand at us and walked away. So Brett and I left! We felt like such rebels. We tried Applebee's and it was a 30 minute wait, so we decided to go across the street to Tony's Restaurant. The lady was so nice when we walked in and it was so busy, but we found a little table in the back. Everyone was so nice and we ordered our food and when it came out... we nearly toppled over with laughter. Brett ordered a turkey club. You know.. the ones that usually come on 3 slices of toast? Well he got a mountain of a club. My reuben was ginormous! We took pictures and giggled over it for like 5 minutes before eating it. Do you ever feel like some things are just meant to be? Like the first waitress was so mean to us, so we left. Applebee's was too long of a wait, so we left and we were destined to end up at this restaurant because it's times like these and places like those that define your life. I don't think Brett and I will ever forget that experience.