Ice sunsets

Happy Friday! I had a lovely day at work. I decorated the entire place massively in decorations. After work, I raced home.. like 90 mph to catch this sunset. I called Brett and was like, "Get ready!" because the sunsets go down so so quickly. We got down to the pier just in time. It was going down and by the minute the sky was changing color. It was stunning. One of the best parts about our winters is that we get some insanely gorgeous sunsets. We do in the summer too, of course, but it just feels like they are way more intense in the winters. Especially the way it lights up the ice and the crashing waves against the pier.

Today's outfit was majorly inspired by Lena from When I first started getting into fashion blogging, she was my favorite (still is a big-time favorite) and I think her winter looks are going to get me through my winter too. She has such simple style, but it's perfect and classic. She's definitely someone I plan on looking to a lot this winter. I'm wearing my favorite comfy American Apparel jersey pocket skirt, a blue blazer, plain black tee, my circle scarf and my go-to boots. Casual, comfy, warm. I'll swear by these sweater tights. They are so much warmer than jeans. My belt kept sagging as you can see. I used to fasten this belt on the last setting! Now I have to keep drilling holes in all of my belts.

The pier looks amazing. This is my first winter living in Grand Haven. Although I've been here a million times, living in a city always just makes for a whole new experience. I never knew the ice wrapped around the lamp poles like this. I was amazed at how beautiful it was! I love living in the mitten.

I'm also very inspired by my winter music right now. I have a few select bands that just remind of the seasons. Right now I'm currently addicted to The Appleseed Cast's song Raise The Sails. One of my favorite bands. I've loved them for so long. I changed my music player if you want to take a listen. The song is my favorite at time 2:10, but the entire song is just so inspiring.

Tonight, my Dad and his girlfriend visited for a little bit. Then, Brett and I went downtown to eat at K2 where they have "make your own pizzas" for $4.95. That's so cheap and it was so delicious. Afterwards we ran to his parents and went to see Old Dogs. I have a major crush on John Travolta. In the words of Brett's mom, "He melts my shorts."