Living in winterland

We are absolutely in a winter wonderland right now... and I'm loving it. This is the kind of winter that I love. I'm in love with the gorgeous white snow, when it's not so cold and you just appreciate the beauty of it all. I'm still really in love with something one of our friends said a year ago when she visited Michigan. "

There is a freshness that is inescapable. Each time I step outside, it seems to hit me in the face, taking my breath away and leaving me stopped in my tracks to exhale."

I love winter for so many reasons and that is being one of them. Winter forces you to slow down, reevaluate things, it's like a wake up call. It gives you time to think things through. It gives you a few months to hibernate, figure out who you are, what you want, it lets you work hard, it lets you emerge in spring as a whole new person if you wish. It also really makes you appreciate the warm weather you do get. I've lived in winters my whole life and was always so unappreciative.. I'm glad I'm finally coming around this year. It's such a gorgeous thing to experience.

Today, Brett and I picked up our good friends, Kait and Jer, and headed to East Lansing for some shopping. Only went to a couple of stores. Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. UO was having a "take an additional 50% off sale items", so we went to check that out. They actually had quite a few cute things! I got a new skirt for $9.99 and some cut off Levi jean shorts for $4.99. Can't beat that! I can't wait to wear them. I also got a new cardi (not on sale) but still needed another one to get me through winter. At American Apparel, I got a new gray v-neck. Their cloth is too comfy and perfect and I don't have one of their v-necks yet, so I just had to spend the $22 to get it. Oh well. We grabbed lunch at Noodles & Co. and headed back home! We got a new GPS.. and it's so lovely. I used it even when we knew our way home. Hehe!

Now, we're housesitting for Brett's parents. They went to Detroit for a couple of days to visit family. I cleaned out my car, Brett filled my tires, watched Julie & Julia and am now catching up on this so that I can go play Deal or No Deal on Wii with Brett. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Back to the daily work grind tomorrow!

Outfit details:

Old Navy jeans
Zenana Outfitters jacket
Scala Classico hat
Jeffrey Campbell boots